The Action of Light
Sunday Bazaar Issue 1
Index G Gallery
50 Gladstone Avenue
Toronto, Canada

Sunday May 10, 2009
12-6 PM | Free admission

Sally Ayre, Steven Beckly, Elizabeth Gesicki, Joeng-kwon Gye, Patrick Klauss, Bruce Livingston, Cher MacNeill, Dimitrije Martinovic, Jennifer Rome, Jacquelyn Siklos, Shozo Ushiroguchi, Lourdes Ladron de Guevara, Tomio Nitto.

INDEXG is pleased to present The Action of Light, a photography-based event as the inaugural issue of SUNDAY BAZAAR. A handful of Toronto artists will participate offering a wide range of photographic work: from fine prints, unique cards to t-shirt-de-arts. Prices start from $25.

#print sale