Image: Luis Jacob

We Are Full Of Holes
Thematic Residency Program with Luis Jacob
Artscape Gibraltar Point
Toronto, ON

September 20 – October 4, 2013

The world is made of holes. Our bodies are covered in them. Our eyes are holes, that enable us to see. Our mouths are holes, that form a passage between inside and outside. Our genitals are holes, that give us pleasure. I believe that works of art have an important relation to holes. Artworks point us to disturbing parts of our consciousness, those dark recesses within us that are rich like mines. Artworks create holes where there are none, disturbing our sense of reality and opening a can of worms. Artworks enable us to see; they allow passage between outside and inside; and they give us pleasure. We Are Full Of Holes will focus on several “case studies” of holes: various artworks, films and short texts will allow us collectively to explore the notion of holes. Beginning with a screening of Tsai Ming-liang’s 1998 film The Hole – a wonderfully absurd love story set in a run-down apartment in Taiwan — we will explore our artistic work from the perspective of the space of meaning that we open with it.

The Thematic Residency Program offers artists the opportunity to work independently with the mentorship of a visiting professional artist, curator or critic working in international contemporary art.  For two weeks every month artists retreat to Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Islands, which provides short-term accommodation and studio space for artists to research and develop their contemporary art practice. Thematic residencies explore various models including studio work, formal lectures, group discussion, peer collaboration and outdoor retreats.  This direction allows individual residents to find common ground amongst each other’s disparate practices and establish new connections through communal dialogue.

Luis Jacob (BFA, 1996, University of Toronto) lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Recent solo exhibitions include Show Your Wound (Galerie Max Mayer, Dusseldorf and Birch Libralato, Toronto) and Pictures At An Exhibition (Darling Foundry, Montreal); and group exhibitions Visible, Móvil, Vidente (Centro Párraga, Spain) and Oh, Canada (MASS MoCA, Massachusetts).

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