Monobandes III
Les Territoires
372 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Porte 527
Montreal, QB

November 8 – December 14th, 2013
Opening: Thursday November 7, 6 p.m.

Jessica Auer, Simon Beaudry, Steven Beckly, Anne Bertrand, America Blasco, Jenna Braid, Madison Bycroft, Kevin Day, Dorien De Wit, Isabelle Fexa, Steve Giasson, Mika Goodfriend, Anne-Renée Hotte, Zohar Kfir, Nathalie LeBlanc, Philippe Léonard, Léna Mill-Reuillard, Michael Mersereau, Didier Morelli, Reuben Nanda, Johan Parent, Blair Phillips, Catherine Polcz, Dali Wu

Les Territoires is pleased to present the third edition of Monobandes. This year, 24 young international artists reveal a panorama of contemporary video art practices. This event showcases 25 single-channel videos, each under 10 minutes of duration.

Dedicated to the art of single-channel video, this unique exhibition is comprised of six screening sites. The gallery is divided into two rooms; the first will feature 5 monitors each showing a 20 minutes program, and the second will display a large format projection with all the 25 videos looped. In playing with different presentation modes, we are inviting the viewers to consider context and media as key information for interpretation. Impressive yet intimate, the program presented by the team at Les Territoires takes the viewer through the stories and aesthetics of emerging video. With its two hours of creatively diverse moving images, Monobandes is an exhibition worth revisiting.