Daily Life Storage, Issue #8, January 2014

Produced in an edition of 25, Glory is the first of three portfolios Daily Life Storage is releasing this month in preparation for the LA Art Book Fair. It features seven works in a new, large format edition.

Participating artists
Steven Beckly
Bobby Collins
Bobby Gonzalez
Jesús Monteagudo Guerra
Matt Morris

Commissioned by
Roy Thompson

Assembled and Curated by
Kris Harzinski

Daily Life Storage is a series of limited edition portfolios and other projects generating an ongoing and admittedly peculiar archive centered around queer creativity. As the collection expands it rests somewhere between art, scrotums, piss and kinkos. To launch each new release, portfolios are available for free to anyone willing to fulfill a given task. After this initial offering, the remaining portfolios are sold at bookstores, book fairs and via this website to help fund future projects.


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