Magenta Magazine, Volume 5 | No. 1, Spring 2014

A portfolio of Reunions is included in the Spring 2014 issue of Magenta Magazine, edited by Bill Clarke and published by The Magenta Foundation.

The issue features an interview with Steve Reinke on his work in the Whitney Biennial; Adad Hannah on his exhibition at the Koffler Centre for the Arts; and Dunlop Art Gallery director Jennifer Matotek on why it’s time women took over the conversation about Modernism. Plus, reviews from Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, London, U.K., and New York; Portfolios by Matt Macintosh, Sara Angelucci and Steven Beckly; film critic Bil Antoniou on “Tim’s Vermeer”, Vanessa Nicholas on “Sound by Artists” and Romas Astrauskas on Brie Ruais.

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