Fibreworks 2014, Idea Exchange, Cambridge, ON

Fibreworks 2014
Biennial Juried Exhibition of Canadian Fibre Art
September 12 – November 2, 2014
Opening: Friday September 12, 7 pm
Queen’s Square, 1 North Square, Cambridge Ontario

Fibreworks, now in its 15th edition, is a biennial juried exhibition featuring the work of Canadian artists working in the fibre art medium. The choices are made by authorities in the field: curators, artists, and others knowledgeable about current developments in the medium. This year, Stuart Reid, director/curator at the Rodman Hall Art Centre in St Catharines, and Toronto artist, Hazel Meyer made the selections. Since its beginning in 1986, Fibreworks has provided a context for what is happening now by some of the country’s foremost fibre artists and we are proud to provide the opportunity to share these innovative works with our community. The exhibition is also a frequent source for acquisitions to our growing permanent collection.

Selected artists: Steven Beckly (Toronto, ON), Mylène Boisvert (Montréal, QC), Marianne Burlew (Thornhill, ON), Li Chai (Etobicoke, ON), Anouk Desloges (Toronto, ON), Alyssa Ellis (Calgary, AB), Lindy Fyfe (Toronto, ON), Brette Gabel (Toronto, ON), Marie-José Gustave (Montréal, QC), Lee Henderson (Toronto, ON), Jan Henry (Victoria, BC), Humboldt Magnussen (Toronto, ON), Kate Jackson (Toronto, ON), Karin Jones (Vancouver, BC), Lucie Leroux (Montréal, QC), Daniel Manchego-Badiola (Niagara Falls, ON), April Martin (Montréal, QC), Amanda McCavour (Lambton Shore, ON), Shawna Munro (Winnipeg, MB), Marla Panko (Dundas, ON), Jacqueline Treloar (Toronto, ON), Kathryn Walter (Toronto, ON), Julie René de Cotret + Elinor Whidden (Hillsburgh /Toronto, ON).

Images (L to R): Li Chai, Soreness II (detail), 2013; Mylène Boisvert, Linen Field #2 (detail), 2012; Humboldt Magnussen, Viking Brothers (detail), 2014; Alyssa Ellis, Castor Bean (detail), 2013. Images courtesy of the artists.