Auto Feeling, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, ON

Auto Feeling
Katzman Contemporary
86 Miller Street
Toronto, ON M6N 2Z9

July 18 - August 8, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday July 18, 2 – 5 p.m.

Steven Beckly, Patrick Cruz, Brandan Doty, Erika Dueck, John Haney, Maegan Harbridge, Minwoo Lee, Simon M. Benedict, Paul MacIntryre, Maegan Rose Mehler, Janine Miedzik, Jasmine Reimer, Ambera Wellmann

Auto Feeling evokes a split-motivation; automatic and involuntary, regular and repeated, mechanical and habituated it looks like breathing, sounds like hearts beating. Conversely and yet somehow equally, it is also a state of unconsciousness, an inability to forecast. Instead, to work under the condition of an Auto Feeling, is to investigate by Feeling. An immediate sense and sensibility, Auto Feeling is an intuitive understanding; fluid like a mood it is subject to fluctuation.

Evidenced by each work in this exhibition is openness towards intention and the desire, if not also ability, to surrender control within the ritual of making. It might appear as if the artwork is the result of endless meandering, adventure or even drunkenness. The works are often uniquely (and yet not un-pleasingly) imperfect—bent metal, dripped paint and crumpled duct tape make crooked effigies, streaked and erased, rude and rough edged, composed of fragmented and illogical objects whose immediate associations are uncertain. On the other hand, the artists paint with delicate, skilled strokes revealing figurative accuracy and sensual patterns, they form meticulous, gloriously laborious renderings, seamlessly conjoined collage, miniscule worlds and capture prosaic moments through elegant photography. Their inquisitiveness is not a display of artist heroics (to reinvent or set precedent) but more an indication of their dedication to experimentation and the refusal to become complacent.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition with essays by Aaron Weldon and Jasmine Reimer will be available in the gallery for purchase by donation.