Lightbringer, Stride Gallery, Calgary

*This exhibition has been postponed until further notice.

Steven Beckly

April 3 – May 22, 2020

Stride Gallery
1006 Macleod Tr SE, Calgary

Opening: Friday April 3, 7 pm
Artist talk: Saturday April 4, 2 pm

Stride Gallery is pleased to present Lightbringer, an exhibition of new works by Toronto-based artist Steven Beckly. The exhibition’s title refers to multiple metaphors of light. It is a term for the planet Venus used to indicate its brightness and unique movements in the night sky. Due to these cosmic nuances, mythology surrounding Venus often features the motif of a divine being falling from grace. Lucifer (‘light-bringer’) is a Latin name used for mythological and religious figures associated
 with the planet.

Drawing on photography’s relationship to light, space and time, Beckly’s new body of work comprises of images, sculptures and a public billboard installation. Working with natural and spectral forms, Beckly cultivates a visual language of colours and textures by revealing poetic links between optics and haptics, materiality and sensuality. Printed on materials of varying opacity, reflectivity and dimension, Beckly’s works are affected by light and the position of the viewer’s body. Suspending in the gallery space and protruding from the walls, they exist in a tenuous balance. Considering darkness as the companion of light, Lightbringer reaches into the realm of the unknown for a deeper look at intimacy and relationships.

Exhibition publication Lightbringer contains images by Steven Beckly and text by Fan Wu.

The artist would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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