Online Exhibition: Between the Acts

Online Exhibition:
Between the Acts

December 10, 2020 – January 9, 2021

Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present Between the Acts, an online exhibition featuring works that navigate notions of stillness, rest and interiority in different ways. The earth rests under layers of ice, a sculpture is cared for in the conservation lab, the dusty corners of a house reveal a narrative, light shifts through a windowpane.

Anne Carson concludes her lecture “On Stillness” by listing all the stillnesses she did not address. These include: “snow, fog, moonlight, chastity, the gerundive, Odysseus tied to the mast sailing past the sirens, the stillness of unsent letters, the stillness inside an egg, the stillness of all the Omnibuses in London driving around empty on December 18th, 1936, while a King was abdicating on radio, the stillness of all the swimming pools in the world that are closed at night, the stillness of Thomas Edison’s last breath which is preserved in a glass tube in a museum in Detroit, Michigan.”

To this we might add: the stillness of waiting.

We may not know what is next, but in this in-between place – in this stillness – perhaps we can pause for a moment and look around.

You can view the exhibition on our website here, or on our Artsy page here.

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