Avec Magazine: 그리고 벽

[그리고 벽: 벽으로 말하는 열네 개의 작업 이야기]

출판사 지콜론북이 발행하고 AVEC에서 기획한
신작 [그리고 벽]이 출간되었습니다.

저자 : 글 이원희, 사진 정은지
형태 : 170mm x 210mm / 무선제본 / 242면
가격 : 15,000원
발행일 : 2016년 2월 25일
ISBN 978-89-98656-55-3 03600
구입처 : 교보문고, 알라딘, YES24등 대형 서점

벽 속의 세계 : 은밀한 작업실의 벽으로
* Kristin Texeira (페인터)
* Steven Beckly (포토그래퍼)
* 이소영 (식물세밀화가)
* 호상근 (작가, Artist)

작업과 벽의 사이 : 방문객과 함께 즐길 수 있는 벽으로
* 이지연 (쇼콜라티에)
* Workhorse Press (독립 출판 스튜디오)
* 박기철 (원예가)
* HEY Studio (그래픽디자인 스튜디오)

우리 모두의 벽 : 작가의 작업을 나의 벽으로
* Mimi Jung (위빙 디자이너)
* Wurstbande (벽화 아티스트)
* Sarah Benning (현대 자수가)
* Soña Lee (벽화 아티스트)
* CHIAOZZA (아트 듀오)
* MOMO (벽화 아티스트)

I have an interview in Avec Magazine’s latest book 그리고 벽.

Avec Magazine: 그리고 벽

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Wavepool Interview
Interviews / November 16, 2015

Wavepool Interview

I answered some questions by the thoughtful Kyle Seis for Wavepool.

Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation

While I was in Calgary, I sat down with Benjamin Bellas, Steven Cottingham, and Su Ying Strang for a conversation about love, loss, sincerity, intimacy, death, among many other things. That conversation, along with installation images, and an exhibition essay by Lindsay Sorell are published in a catalogue for Soft Movements in the Same Direction.

You can purchase a copy by contacting The New Gallery.

You can also read the full conversation here.

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Globe and Mail Video Interview: Steven Beckly's Reunions

You can watch an interview I did with The Globe and Mail about Reunions. Last week to see the show! The exhibition ends on May 31.

I want to make a small clarification: Reunions is more so about same-sex intimacies across contexts and their ambiguities in still photographs, rather than about identifying same-sex or queer couples (which the video is alluding to). A small but important distinction. Thank you to everyone who has went to see the show so far!


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Papirmasse Issue No. 52, April 2014

I made a foldable paper sculpture for the latest issue of Papirmass. You can order a copy or purchase a subscription here, and read my artist interview here.