Hart House Review: 25th Anniversary

Some photos in the 25th anniversary issue of the Hart House Review.

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Avec Magazine: 그리고 벽

[그리고 벽: 벽으로 말하는 열네 개의 작업 이야기]

출판사 지콜론북이 발행하고 AVEC에서 기획한
신작 [그리고 벽]이 출간되었습니다.

저자 : 글 이원희, 사진 정은지
형태 : 170mm x 210mm / 무선제본 / 242면
가격 : 15,000원
발행일 : 2016년 2월 25일
ISBN 978-89-98656-55-3 03600
구입처 : 교보문고, 알라딘, YES24등 대형 서점

벽 속의 세계 : 은밀한 작업실의 벽으로
* Kristin Texeira (페인터)
* Steven Beckly (포토그래퍼)
* 이소영 (식물세밀화가)
* 호상근 (작가, Artist)

작업과 벽의 사이 : 방문객과 함께 즐길 수 있는 벽으로
* 이지연 (쇼콜라티에)
* Workhorse Press (독립 출판 스튜디오)
* 박기철 (원예가)
* HEY Studio (그래픽디자인 스튜디오)

우리 모두의 벽 : 작가의 작업을 나의 벽으로
* Mimi Jung (위빙 디자이너)
* Wurstbande (벽화 아티스트)
* Sarah Benning (현대 자수가)
* Soña Lee (벽화 아티스트)
* CHIAOZZA (아트 듀오)
* MOMO (벽화 아티스트)

I have an interview in Avec Magazine’s latest book 그리고 벽.

Avec Magazine: 그리고 벽

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Colour Code Edition
Publications / January 5, 2016

Colour Code Edition

New edition in two colour variations (mint and fluorescent pink) in collaboration with Colour Code.
Debuting at their booth X12 at the LA Art Book Fair, February 12-14, 2016.

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Packet, Issue #63, September 2015

Some photos in the latest issue of Packet #63. Find this and them at the New York Art Book Fair from September 18 – 20.


Zine Dream 8, The Great Hall, Toronto, ON

Zine Dream 8
The Great Hall
1087 Queen St West
Toronto, ON

Sunday August 16, 12 – 7 pm

Launch party: Saturday August 15, 3 – 5 pm at Art Metropole

I’ll have a table at this year’s Zine Dream filled with photo books, zines, and other multiples. Featuring over 90 exhibitors of self published art books, comics, crafts, music, zines and much more. Hope to see you there!

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Book Launch: Still Life & Island, Art Metropole, Toronto, ON

Book Launch
Still Life #1 – #24 and Island by Steven Beckly
Saturday June 6, 3 – 5 pm

Art Metropole
1490 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 1T5

Please join us on Saturday June 6th from 3 – 5 pm for the launch of Still Life #1 – #24 and Island by Steven Beckly.

Still Life is an ongoing series of unbound photography books that invites viewers to rearrange its content to continually form interrelations amongst its images. Issues #1 to #24 currently available; each volume is an edition of 100. More information here.

Island is an unbound book of photographs produced at Artscape Gibraltar Point in 2013, during the thematic residency We Are Full Of Holes led by Luis Jacob and produced by Soi Fischer. With texts by Mitchell Kuga, Alice Evensen, and Ruth Jones. More information here.


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Island, December 2014
Publications / January 31, 2015

Island, December 2014
Island, December 2014
Island, December 2014

by Steven Beckly

20 pages, unbound
8.5” x 11” / 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm
First printing, offset, edition of 100
Published December 2014

Book design by Sam Mogelonsky
Printing by Standard Form

Photographs produced at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada 2013, during the thematic residency We Are Full of Holes led by Luis Jacob and produced by Soi Fischer.

With texts by Mitchell Kuga, Alice Evensen, and Ruth Jones.

$25 + shipping

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Daily Life Storage, Issue #12, October 2014

For the twelfth release, Empty Beds, past dls contributors share their ephemera.

Steven Beckly
Leonardo Casas Garcia
Anthony Cudahy
Kyle Franklin
Stephen Grebinski
Michael Kurt
Paul Moreno
Sofia Moreno
Dean Sameshima
Jerry Seguin

Curated by Kris Harzinski

These remnants of daily life, both intimate and mundane, surround Dead Rides, an original story by Casey Hannan.

Daily Life Storage is a series of limited edition portfolios and other projects generating an ongoing and admittedly peculiar archive centered around queer creativity. As the collection expands it rests somewhere between art, scrotums, piss and kinkos. To launch each new release, portfolios are available for free to anyone willing to fulfill a given task. After this initial offering, the remaining portfolios are sold at bookstores, book fairs and via this website to help fund future projects.


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Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation

While I was in Calgary, I sat down with Benjamin Bellas, Steven Cottingham, and Su Ying Strang for a conversation about love, loss, sincerity, intimacy, death, among many other things. That conversation, along with installation images, and an exhibition essay by Lindsay Sorell are published in a catalogue for Soft Movements in the Same Direction.

You can purchase a copy by contacting The New Gallery.

You can also read the full conversation here.

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Flash Forward Tenth

I’m included in the forthcoming Flash Forward Tenth published by The Magenta Foundation. The special anniversary 4-book set celebrates 10 years of Flash Forward. To be released in September 2014.


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