Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation Keeping Me Away: Steven Beckly & Benjamin Bellas In Conversation

While I was in Calgary, I sat down with Benjamin Bellas, Steven Cottingham, and Su Ying Strang for a conversation about love, loss, sincerity, intimacy, death, among many other things. That conversation, along with installation images, and an exhibition essay by Lindsay Sorell are published in a catalogue for Soft Movements in the Same Direction.

You can purchase a copy by contacting The New Gallery.

You can also read the full conversation here.

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Flash Forward Tenth

I’m included in the forthcoming Flash Forward Tenth published by The Magenta Foundation. The special anniversary 4-book set celebrates 10 years of Flash Forward. To be released in September 2014.

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Magenta Magazine, Volume 5 | No. 1, Spring 2014

A portfolio of Reunions is included in the Spring 2014 issue of Magenta Magazine, edited by Bill Clarke and published by The Magenta Foundation.

The issue features an interview with Steve Reinke on his work in the Whitney Biennial; Adad Hannah on his exhibition at the Koffler Centre for the Arts; and Dunlop Art Gallery director Jennifer Matotek on why it’s time women took over the conversation about Modernism. Plus, reviews from Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, London, U.K., and New York; Portfolios by Matt Macintosh, Sara Angelucci and Steven Beckly; film critic Bil Antoniou on “Tim’s Vermeer”, Vanessa Nicholas on “Sound by Artists” and Romas Astrauskas on Brie Ruais.

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Papirmasse Issue No. 52, April 2014

I made a foldable paper sculpture for the latest issue of Papirmass. You can order a copy or purchase a subscription here, and read my artist interview here.


Fresh AiR: Newspace Artist in Residence Exhibition, Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR
Image: Ohm Phanphiroj

Fresh AiR: Newspace Artist in Residence Exhibition
Newspace Center for Photography
632 SE 10th Ave.
Portland, OR

February 7 – March 2, 2014
Opening reception: Friday February 7, 6 – 9 p.m.

Steven Beckly
Kirk Crippens
Maureen Drennan
Eyakem Gulilat
Ohm Phanphiroj
Ward Shortridge

Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to announce the exhibition Fresh AiR: Newspace Artist in Residence Exhibition containing a selection of work from the six photographers who were Newspace Artists in Residence from 2012 and 2013.

These photographers were selected for one-month residencies at Newspace Center for Photography during which time they received access to the Newspace facilities and guidance from the staff.  Residents spent their time working on ongoing projects or creating something brand new. This opportunity afforded them the time and space to think and immerse themselves in their own creative process as well as to engage with the Portland photography community. Resident artists also served as a source of inspiration and guidance for the many students and photographers who create and learn at Newspace.

Fresh AiR: Newspace Artist in Residence Publication

To document the work created by these six talented artists, Newspace is happy to announce the release of an accompanying photo-book containing selections from the work of each resident along with an essay by Hannah Frieser. Copies will be available for sale at the Opening Reception and throughout the display of the exhibition. The publication is part of the Indie Photobook Library.

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Daily Life Storage, Issue #8, January 2014

Produced in an edition of 25, Glory is the first of three portfolios Daily Life Storage is releasing this month in preparation for the LA Art Book Fair. It features seven works in a new, large format edition.

Participating artists
Steven Beckly
Bobby Collins
Bobby Gonzalez
Jesús Monteagudo Guerra
Matt Morris

Commissioned by
Roy Thompson

Assembled and Curated by
Kris Harzinski

Daily Life Storage is a series of limited edition portfolios and other projects generating an ongoing and admittedly peculiar archive centered around queer creativity. As the collection expands it rests somewhere between art, scrotums, piss and kinkos. To launch each new release, portfolios are available for free to anyone willing to fulfill a given task. After this initial offering, the remaining portfolios are sold at bookstores, book fairs and via this website to help fund future projects.

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Packet, Issue #25, December 2013

I have a portfolio in the latest issue of Packet, along with contributions from Nicole Reber, Ian Lewandowski, Sampson Starkweather, Alex Gavryushenko, Eric Wiley, Kate Gavino, and Cait Oppermann. Risograph and laserjet, 34 pages, singe staple-bound 8.5″ x 11″. You can purchase the issue here. Thank you, Anthony and Chris!


BUTT 2014 Calendar
Publications / October 6, 2013

I contributed some photographs to the BUTT 2014 Calendar.

This chunky 384-page daily calendar is the same size as your standard issue of BUTT, but it’s over an inch and a half thick and weighs one and a quarter kilos! Every sideways glance, every lusty moment has been rendered in black ink on BUTT’s 100% recycled pink stock, bound to a durable cardboard backing, and then wrapped in a sturdy color cover.

Order your copy here.

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Boys on Film Vol. 1
14.8 x 21 cm, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-89-965281-9-7
Edition of 1000
Published date: September 20, 2013

Alexa Babiuk, Alexandra Waespi, Alice Rainis, Amandine Paulandré, Amy Dorian, Berta Pfirscih, Brad Freeman, Bradford Gregory, Daniel Gentelev, Derek Fernandes, Elisabete Santos Rosa, Elise Toïdé, Emily-Jane Robinson, Fernando Hideki, Hanna Ukura, Helena Estrela, Hollie Fernando, Igor Termenon, Isabella Stahl, Isolde Woudstra, Javier Castán, Jael Levi, Jesse Jacobs, Jon Stars, Johanna Tagada, Jordanna Kalman, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Justin Guthrie, Karen Prosen, Katherine Squier, Katie Silvester, Kimberley Grant, Kirill Mazhai, Kitty Riddell, Laura-Lynn Petrick, Lauren Brown, Lea Colombo, Lola Li, Lottie Spencer, Marco Hernandez, Mariana Pacho Lopez, Marija Strajnic, Matheus Chiaratti, Matilde Viegas, Matt Sanchez, Matthew Farag, Maxwell Tomlinson, Megan Tilley, Melisa Minca, Mercedes Esquivel, Meryl Olah, Naomi Hart, Natasha Ch. K., Olivia Locher, Posternaks, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Rosanna Webster, Ryan Shamblin, Sara Sani, Silvia Conde, Sonya Kydeeva, Sophie Davidson, Stephen Edwards, Steven Beckly, Yuvali Theis

Girls/Boys on Film are two contemporary photography zines founded by Igor Termenon in February 2011. The zines showcase portraits taken with film cameras and are also a platform to discover photography talent. Since its beginnings two years ago, the zines have attracted international attention and have been featured in magazines and websites such as Elle Girl Korea, Urban Outfitters Blog, Dazed & Confused and It’s Nice That. Girls on Film has also been recently added to the Museum of Modern Art Library archive in New York.

Published by SSE Books. Purchase a copy here.

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At the Same Time
NYC Book Launch
Thursday May 23
6 — 8 pm

Printed Matter
195 10th Ave. (btw 21st & 22nd)
New York, NY 10011

Thank you to Printed Matter for hosting the NYC book launch of At the Same Time, and to everyone who came out to help us celebrate!

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