At the Same Time Works

62 pages, perfect bound, softcover
5.8″ x 8.3″ / 14.73 cm x 21.08 cm
Published July 2012
Edition of 500
$25 + shipping

At the Same Time is a self-published photography book by six artists: Steven Beckly and Dylan MacNeil (Toronto, Canada), Ted Kerr and Zachary Ayotte (Brooklyn, NY), and Colin Quinn and Oisín Share (Manchester, UK). Drawing and expanding on a variety of photographic traditions, the collaboration explores the nature and development of their romantic relationships from three different parts of the world. Private exchanges emerging from domestic, romantic, and sexual dimensions of their relationships are openly explored, uncovering a collection of personal narratives and intimate realities.

Geographically separated, the artists have developed independently, only to discover each other on Flickr, a photo-sharing website. The similarities in the subject matter and its treatment suggest something that exists beyond traditional borders. As the title suggests, the collection reveals a common stream of consciousness, a simultaneous creation. The collaboration documents and details the evolutions of their relationships as couples over the past three years.

Features essays by AA Bronson, Paul Mgapi Sepuya, and Sholem Krishtalka.

At The Same Time reminds me of shared writing, of epistolary novels, of narratives told in letters between lovers. […] These are lovers writing between and for each other, as well as in exchange with other lovers. They hover around each other in a narrative of self-conscious description and revision, for anyone who so wishes to follow.

—excerpt from Timeline by Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Surely this beauty, this image of male beauty gazing, is the image of our desire, of our love for another, of another’s love for us. This tenderness, the tenderness we can find nowhere else, is the sweet touch of the gaze, the touch of this boyish trusting glance upon manliness, upon our manliness, reflected in another’s eyes, entangled limbs, two bodies touching.

—excerpt from This Trusting Glance by AA Bronson

These works are about ampersands, tying yourself to someone: the giddy process of mutually creating that ampersand, of putting all hands on the same marker and slowly drawing the upward slope, the top loop, the bottom curve – together; the slow, awkward process of living in those slopes and loops and curves, exploring their comforts and wrestling with their crosses and knots[.]

—excerpt from Notes on & by Sholem Krishtalka

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